Through a variety of outdoor activities and outings, NPLB Outdoors builds lasting relationships with those directly impacted by combat during our nation’s armed conflicts, regardless of era, in order to promote positive outcomes and lifelong successes.

Yes we are! Your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by IRS regulations. Our Federal ID # is 81-1602191. To access our IRS Determination Letter or 990 Forms, check out our Tax and Financial page.

It stands for No Person Left Behind. The founders of the organization were inspired by the military’s philosophy of leaving no one behind. They wanted to apply that same value to their organization. Including NPLB in our name reminds us of our responsibility to serve those who served.

Our program is available to all wounded, injured and ill combat veterans with a service connected disability – regardless of era. We serve all branches of the military. Certain events may be restricted to those with higher disability ratings and others are exclusively for Purple Heart Recipients.

We are a privately funded non-profit. We do not receive any government funds and rely exclusively on the generosity of donors. While we have a growing list of corporate partners, most of our funds are generated by private and family foundations, individual donors and community fundraisers held across the country.

When NPLB Outdoors was founded, it was completely self-funded. It remained this way until 2011. Since then, our overhead cost has averaged less than 10%. In 2018 and 2019, many of our program funds were spent out of our old account at Operation Second Chance. For additional information about this, please email info@NPLBOutdoors.org. You may also view our financial statements on the Tax and Financial page.

No! Our program is absolutely free to all of our veterans. There are no strings attached and no expectations for any type of repayment.

You can donate using your credit card or your amazon account through our website. If you prefer to mail in a donation, please send your check to:

NPLB Outdoors
P.O. Box 132
Libertytown, MD 21762

You can also join our Monthly Giving Program for as little as $10 a month.

No. All our programs are hosted through our headquarters in Maryland. We currently host events in 14 different states, and it is possible to designate funds to keep your money local. Please contact us for additional information.

To protect the privacy of our veterans, we do not share their contact information. We may be able to provide your contact information to Veterans when appropriate.

We are a grassroots organization and made a deliberate decision to keep our overhead low. This requires us to minimize the amount of money we spend on advertising. While we are working to develop more national exposure, we firmly believe your money should go directly to the program. You can help others find out about us by spreading the word.

Yes. And the list is growing. Check them out on our Home and Partnerships pages and consider supporting them the way they support our troops.

We treat our sponsors’ privacy much like our veterans and won’t comment on the specifics of our relationships. Each sponsorship package is customized to meet the needs of the corporation. Some sponsors provide monetary donations. Others provide services or in-kind donations. Some provide a combination of both.